Get better at retrospectives

Retrospectices are much more than sitting down and discussing what went well, what not so well and what we can improve. Doing retrospectices is an art, which – like any art – takes practice.

If you feel yourself in need of some imput to improve your retrospectives, here is a reading list you can use:


  • Agile retrospectives, Making Good Teams Great | Amazon | The Classic
  • Project retrospectives | Amazon | Another classic, albeit less famous
  • The Retrospective Handbook | Leanpub | Unknown book, but very good actually. Just as valuable for a starting Scrum Master as “Agile Retrospectives’
  • Fun Retrospectives | Leanpub | Contains different retro forms
  • 50 Quick ideas to improve your retrospectives | Amazon | Offers pretty much what the title says…


Specific forms:

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